Grafikwerkstatt Dresden

Fine Art Printmaking Workshop 

Original fine art printing techniques will be in almost all versions are available at a professional level. It is possible to do the printing yourself or to have works carried out by highly trained printers.

For over 60 years means “Grafikwerkstatt Dresden” meeting place, refuge workplace and as well as for communal workshop to promote artists in Dresden. Moreover be organized international artist exchange programs in collaboration with partner workshops in Sweden, USA, Austria, Macedonia, France and Greece.

600 m2 are available mainly historical presses – cared in connection with their history and from fascination with the historical method, but established for contemporary applications and complemented with modern technology.

Founded in 1958 by a group of Dresden artists and can be found in the so-called “Ernemann Building”, later known as the “Zeiss Ikon Factory” and today as “Pentacon Dresden”. This magnificent example of Dresden’s industrial architecture from the 1920’s is itself bound up with groundbreaking developments in camera and cinema technology. It also houses the most varied exhibitions belonging to the “Technical Collections of the City of Dresden”. Today organized by professional printers, a supported meeting place for contemporary artists and a sphere where artistic collaboration can take form.

Individual Experiments

If you wish to probe deeper into the expressive possibilities of a specific printing technique, the various work areas for etching/intaglio, lithography, letterpress, relief printing, hand-typeseting, layout, algraphy and offset printing, an etching bath, a photographic darkroom and a space for bookbinding work can all be rented. If you wish, one of our experienced printers can be on hand with helpful advice

Working with a printer

When we are carrying out your work we value your presence. This means that important  corrections and experiments, an individual handling of the printed form, and tests on different papers can be made at the same time. This guarantees that the completed edition corresponds to your specifications

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